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Exhibitor Kit

R+T South America has prepared an Exhibitor's Kit, made up of a number of free items, that you can use to publicize your company's participation in the trade show and to invite your customers.

• Electronic signature
Set up your electronic signature to use on the emails you send to your suppliers and customers.

• Electronic Banner
Add an electronic banner to your company website. The electronic banner is available in many different sizes to accommodate various platforms. If you need a specific format, just ask the marketing team:

• Post
Publish a post on your social networks (Facebook and Instagram)

• Seal
Include a seal in your advertisements, e-mail marketing, electronic communications, folders, envelopes and other promotional material. Files available for both electronic and print use.

• Logo
Add the R+T South America logo to your communications to show your participation in the event.


Note that, in electronic files, the use of the trade show registration link is essential for the use of the material.