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What Roller Shutters Can Do

05 JUL 2017 - 00H00 | ATUALIZADA EM 05 JUL 2017 - 16H34

Among Experts
Interview with Andreas Schnaase - Ehret 

What window shutters can do?

Exterior sun protection systems also naturally include window shutters! Ehret has been producing folding shutters, sliding shutters and folding sliding shutters made of aluminium for over 45 years. We talked to Sales Manager Andreas Schnaase and asked him, for example, how much energy can be saved with these systems.

How can your products make a positive contribution towards energy conservation?
In addition to the possibility of individual façade design, sun protection systems from Ehret also play an important role in energy conservation. Whether folding shutters, sliding shutters or folding sliding shutters, every system ensures adjusted light conditions and a pleasant indoor temperature at any time of the day. When utilised systematically, these shutters can substantially reduce heating costs, cooling loads and the use of artificial light, and therefore conserve resources.

Compared with many conventional sun protection systems, especially those indoors, the design of Ehret's systems has an advantage in that the sun's rays are intercepted before the glass panes, thus preventing intense heating in the room inside. This creates a pleasant indoor climate without any additional air-conditioning. In particular, our insulating models such as the Ehret ISO window shutter reduce the cooling effect on the building in winter and therefore ensure lower heating energy consumption.

Thanks to the variability of our window shutters, the incidence of light can be regulated according to individual requirements. The filling in a shutter, especially with adjustable slat, can be used to adapt the light incidence to particular wishes, but special lighting effects can also be produced. The use of artificial light is therefore significantly minimised and electricity consumption is reduced.
In your opinion, do end consumers have enough information on what exterior sun protection systems can actually do?
Unfortunately, end consumers are normally overwhelmed by the large number of sun protection systems. Since exterior sun protection systems are mostly associated with gathering blinds or roller shutters, end consumers sometimes do not have access to detailed information on alternative systems. In addition, not enough attention is paid to the automation of window shutters. Integration in smart home systems is now also "state of the art“ for our products.

Where do you see the biggest challenges for the industry in the next few years?
One of the challenges facing our industry is how to change the significance of automation in window shutters. In times of creation of pleasant living spaces, the integration of our products in smart home systems belongs to the category "indispensable" instead of "nice to have". The industry must also manage to move away from the pure functionality of sun protection systems and focus more on individuality.
In our opinion, more importance must be attached to modern technology variants in order to eradicate the "outdated" image of window shutters. The systems, sliding shutters and folding sliding shutters, which are based on modern architectural language, must also be made more widely known to end consumers as an alternative.

This interview was originally produced by R+T Stuttgart
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